Sunday, February 19, 2012


This server is dedicated to PvP But its so great to build and make fun stuff! Just be carefull you might run into a fight while building! This server is lag free and has economy in it. Its a totally great server


If you like PvP this is the server for you!!! This server has the greatest Pvp Going on! Also includes factions and you lose power everytime you die! This Server is 24/7 And is running on the latest version of minecraft! This server is great you can build your own castle or base and protect it with factions!

MineBuilders IP:

This is a great server and i think you guys should check this one out! This server is one of the most popular cracked servers but yet its totally lag free! A ton of people play on it and i think you guys would love it! It has soo many cool stuff like pvp free build creative and much more! This server used to be called firecraft but minebuilders bought it from them. Check it out for yourself!

Prophacycraft IP:mc.ProphecyCraft.nn.pew

Praphacycraft is just great with PvP. This is a survival server! I hate the lack of wood but overall its a awesome server! It has awesome features like factions and you can get a starter kit by using /kit starter. try not to die when you get the starter kit because you can only get one and you cant survive without it! This server is constantly updating and theres a lot of people on it so your guaranteed to have hours of fun!

ChaoticUnited IP:

Chaotic United Is a 24/7 and is moving on with the minecraft betas. Non Premium server! This server is great and has no lag. A lot of people play on it. it has great PvP and runs on bukkit. It has a lot of Features! Such like factions economy ETC. I think this is the best or one of the best cracked servers there is so you should check it out!